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Chlorine is one of the most commonly found chemicals in water supplies throughout the country. Chlorine is often used as a water treatment against waterborne diseases by water municipalities, but the chemical creates a new set of health problems in itself. Although it prevents thousands of waterborne illnesses per year, it creates stomach ailments, arterial damage, arthritis, cancer, headaches, and various other problems.

Chlorine causes stomach problems

sdqwerIt does so by destroying acidophilus, a healthy bacteria that keep stomach function at an optimal level. As a byproduct of its malignant bacteria removal, chlorine removes beneficial bacteria from your stomach lining as well. This bacterium preserves healthy organisms in the stomach and colon which are responsible for almost two-thirds of our immune system function. Along with adding an acidophilus supplement, the elimination of chlorine may benefit stomach pain sufferers.

Destroys the nervous system

Chlorine destroys nervous system function by depleting our body of unsaturated EFA’s or essential fatty acids. When chlorine mixes with water, it creates a plethora of free radicals. These free radicals destroyed unsaturated EFA’s which our body uses to develop strong brain and nervous system function. If a child or baby is constantly drinking water filled with chlorine, it is plausible that the lack of EFA’s could disrupt the complete development of cognitive function. Considering Western Diets don’t include much EFA’s, chlorine may cause issues.

Arterial damage

Chlorine can cause significant amounts of arterial damage, although the process is not completely understood. In areas where heavily chlorinated water is the only supply, the amount of cardiovascular damage has been significantly higher. An autopsy study was performed on young, healthy soldiers killed in action in the Korean War; 80% of them had significant arterial clotting and signs of pending heart failure. According to Korean War veterans, the water they were given was so heavily chlorinated it was difficult to drink. This chlorination was likely the cause of the artery blockages and heart problems discovered by scientists.

Contributes to cancer

Chlorine can directly contribute to deadly types of cancer, even when showering or bathing in it. Studies have shown that drinking chlorinated water is a major factor in the development of malignant melanoma. It has also been shown that melanoma risks are significantly increased just by swimming in it as well. Chlorinated water may also cause rectal and bladder cancer by disrupting the bodies’ process of eliminating waste properly. When increased amounts of chlorine are ingested, the rectum and bladder store the chlorine as a waste product, which has cancer-promoting properties.

wqedrsdIn order to prevent chlorine from causing health problems to you and your family, there are two steps you can take to remove it from your household. If you own a swimming pool, there are alternative pool-cleaning chemicals that you should use. New, emerging technologies such as Ozone treatment can be used to clean water without causing the problems of chlorine. Also, if your family uses a public water supply for your household, you may want to invest in a whole house water filtration system. When you install a whole house water filtration system, you are preventing chlorine from entering your drinking water.

Chlorine And Your Health
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