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    Benefits Of Weight Loss Tea

Allergies are common nowadays. One may get an allergy due to inhalation, skin contact, ingestion and even an injection. There are several things that one can do in order to prevent the occurrence of these allergies. Having known how one can get the allergy, below are simple ways to prevent allergy attacks at home.

Pollution-related allergy

One may get this type of allergy when they inhale dust and smoke as they are driving to work or even to the mall. This can be prevented by using the car’s air conditioner to prevent the inhalation of the dust and smoke. If one is on a bicycle, they can use a breathing mask.

Clothes related allergy

Some people get itchy skin after wearing new clothes. This is often as a result of allergic reaction to formaldehyde that is used to keep the clothes wrinkle-free. To help avoid this, one should ensure that they always wash new clothes before wearing them. This will help to get rid of the formaldehyde which may cause skin irritation. Other people are allergic to certain materials like wool and silk. One should ensure that they read the cloth’s label so that they know which material it is made of.

Dust-related allergy

2It is unavoidable that even if the house is cleaned daily it can still accumulate dust. Dust is a common allergen. To help prevent dust allergy while in the house, one should always wipe the furniture surfaces with a moist cloth which is absorbent as well. Instead of using a broom, one should opt to vacuum the house. Sweeping will release dust particles into the air which can be easily inhaled. The wiping and vacuuming should be done on a daily basis to prevent dust build up.

If possible one should avoid carpet flooring since it tends to accumulate dust. One should also avoid fabric doormats. Any bedding materials, sofa covers, and curtains should be regularly washed since they trap a lot of dust too.

Pet-related allergies

Some people cannot do without pets. One can prevent allergies from these pets by avoiding keeping the pets if they allergic to them. Painful decision but if you are allergic, your health comes first. Alternatively, one can choose to keep them but ensure they are not in the bedroom. The pets should also be bathed with medicated shampoo and brushed outside the house. While brushing the pets ensure that one is wearing a mask so that they do not inhale the fur. Hands should be washed after brushing the pets. One should also keep rodents out of the house by using the services of a pest exterminator.

Food-related allergies

The first step to preventing food allergy is by knowing what one is allergic to and avoiding any foods that contain the food allergen. One should know what they eat by always reading the food label before buying any foods.


Drug allergy

One should also know any drug components that they are allergic to. It is also necessary to inform any physician or pharmacist of allergies to any drug components so that they avoid giving you those drugs.


Simple ways to prevent allergy attacks at home
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